Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Your COR Certification

Why You Should Consider Getting Your COR Certification

There is no doubt about the benefits of obtaining a COR certificate. 

This document endorses all the efforts made within the company to ensure occupational health and safety. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider implementing this certification right now. 

It improves your company's reputation and recognition in the industry


Recognition of your company’s efforts related to improving occupational health and safety shows your commitment to the well-being of each operation. 

Having a COR in place helps your company to have a better presentation to your customers, who will feel confident with responsible risk management in every service. 

You will be distinguished in your industry as a solid company that cares about providing quality products, taking care of the welfare of its employees, customers and assets. 

Opportunity for better contracts

This certification allows most companies to submit proposals for larger projects that require it. Thus, the COR becomes a document that promotes the expansion of your company. 

Many large contracts, which represent a good economic opportunity, require a current COR Certificate to close the deal. 

Applications by qualified employees

Commitment to improving occupational health and safety conditions within the company brings direct benefits to employees. It demonstrates their value within the organization and the company’s interest in caring for their integrity. 

Therefore, many experienced and trained professionals apply more frequently in companies that demonstrate their risk management. 

By obtaining a COR, you will begin to receive the attention of qualified professionals who ensure greater productivity within the work operations. 

Applications by qualified employees

Lower injury and premium costs

When an occupational health and safety plan is in place, results begin to show: the work environment is improved, and a safe and efficient work environment is promoted. 

As a result, savings in injury and accident costs are achieved in the long term, since they no longer occur in the course of work operations. 

Therefore, by reducing the frequency of accidents, premiums are considerably reduced, bringing economic benefits to the company and physical well-being to the employees. 

Participation in economic incentives

As if that were not enough, the government of Alberta has an incentive plan for companies to motivate more and more companies to make efforts to improve risk management. 

The government places great importance on reducing workplace incidents and promoting safe businesses with employee wellness. 

Accordingly, companies with a COR in force participate in an annual incentive, which is awarded to the company with the best risk management in each category. This can be considered another economic benefit of certification. 

Key points to consider about COR in Alberta

COR certification requires an organization-wide effort. Employers need to put in place changes that improve risk management and keep all employees interested in meeting safety standards. This is accomplished through logistics that require time and money to be invested.

However, all the effort invested has a payoff that is reflected in various aspects that in the end are related to the growth of the company. 

It is a real effort that triggers immediate improvements in business management. You will notice an increase in productivity, a better work environment, economic benefits and the expansion of the company with new clients and even market renown in the long run. 

Key points to consider about COR in Alberta

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