What type of legislation is the Alberta OHS Act?

What type of legislation is the Alberta OHS Act

Staying abreast of Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act is critical, as this legislation provides the framework for proper risk management actions and keeps companies aligned. 

We have compiled the following details in order to provide you with the most comprehensive information: 

Type of OHS legislation

The OHS law, regulation and code is of a civil type, meaning that it frames a civil liability on the parties to whom it may apply: employers, supervisors and workers. 

By means of this type of civil liability, the ability to open investigations and inspections, as well as prosecutions in front of the civil courts of the state of Alberta can be added.

Alberta’s occupational health and safety, being a governmental commitment, becomes a right and an obligation that, while attracting benefits for all, also involves strong consequences to motivate compliance. 

What is the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act about?

It is a method of governmental control that seeks to promote safety within companies in order to improve working environments, the conditions in which workers and the surrounding community operate. 

A series of benefits are behind the implementation of this new regulation, which can be summarized as follows: 

Promote the health and safety of employees by requiring suitable work spaces, individual protection methods and measures, adequate management of working hours.

Ensure the surrounding community by encouraging safe procedures that do not result in contamination of the surrounding areas. Likewise, the risk of accidents is minimized by managing good protocols.

Reduce administrative costs for accidents or insurance premiums. By proving that operations are not risky, economic benefits begin to flow into the company.

What is the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act about


A good understanding of the limitations established by the legislation in Alberta is an unavoidable requirement to achieve an adequate work management in companies. Furthermore, it becomes a mandatory formula to obtain a COR certificate

By getting to know in detail the provisions of Alberta’s occupational health and safety legislation, a good risk management is achieved and the quality of life in the state is improved. 

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