What is the most important part of a safety plan?

What is the most important part of a safety plan

A safety plan is a written document that is critical to all companies that are committed to providing health and safety for their employees. Through this document, an action guide is proposed to manage the daily routines of the company with fewer risks. 

Some plans even specify actions for isolated situations that may occur periodically in the work routine.  

Having a safety plan within the company has a positive impact in several aspects. First, it reduces the cost of injuries or accidents. Second, it increases the company’s productivity by promoting a healthier environment for employees. And, last but not least, it makes a better impression on employees who feel more motivated. 

But what is the most important part of a company's safety plan?


A safety plan provides an effective strategy for action in the event of unforeseen situations. The most important part of this document is to have a method of accident prevention. 

The focus of this document is to create strategies to prevent situations that can cause death or injury to employees, damage to infrastructure and equipment, damage to the community and the environment. 

Likewise, among the strategies, there is also a place for the line of action in case of accidents, a path to follow in case of failures, disasters or injuries at work, as well as the quickest strategy to recover regular operations. 

Steps to create a workplace safety plan are as follows:

what is the most important part of a company's safety plan

Analyze the level of risks within the work routine:

What the potential aspects that can damage health or cause injuries in the workplace are.

Define the risk level of each situation

That is, define how likely it is that such a situation occurs.

Define a strategy

To prevent or reduce the risk by using the resources available within the company or by establishing the actions required to reach a different level of safety. 

Share with the rest of the workers

The implementation of the safety plan and the importance of following it to the letter.

It seems simple and straightforward at first glance. However, it is quite complex because there is not just one risk in a company, but several ones to which individual attention needs to be paid. 

Identifying the risks and defining the level of each one is the most important step. Thereafter, the health and safety condition within the company starts to improve. Still, the auditor or the company’s safety department must pay enough attention to create an individual strategy to avoid each situation, as well as provide guidance in case the risk cannot be contained. 

Having a safety plan in place ensures employees a suitable environment where their well-being is protected. This is why communication through training, drills and reports on new safety policies is so important. 

Within a company, safety is like a gear: all the parts must work at the same pace and with a similar purpose. 

Share with the rest of the workers

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