What is a self-protection plan?

What is a self-protection plan?

The self-protection plan of a company is a document that establishes the compendium of industrial health and safety standards applied within the company in order to stipulate the responsibility of accidents on a person responsible for the proper functioning of the industry.

This document organizes and implements all the changes in the company’s routine to reduce the risk of accidents, increase health and safety, and the integrity of each member of the company.

Companies can identify their security flaws and ensure a good working environment for their employees and the surrounding community thanks to this written plan.

Today, the government requires some industries to prepare, update and efficiently apply this plan, and this is why it is so important to do it with experts in the field.

How to make an effective self-protection plan?


The drafting of this document must be specific, with details that minimize the risk of the company’s operation therefore it requires a thorough knowledge of the company’s activity.

So, the first step would be:

Identification of the company, here we define the industry, activity, number of personnel, work areas, among other unique characteristics of the company.

Once each point has been identified, it is possible to proceed with the compilation and drafting of the plan, which will constitute a kind of security manual, as follows:

Second step, drafting of the self-protection manual according to the specific case of each company.

How to make an effective self-protection plan?

In the third step, this security information is transferred to all company members.

This safety manual will not work if it is not ensured that each of the employees is aware of it; industrial safety works when the whole company applies the necessary changes.

That is, how the plan is efficiently implemented is through the transfer of information that is achieved through drills, training, and awareness campaigns within the company.


Organize emergency events to rehearse the steps to follow in each situation.


Share with all staff the emergency plan, safety zones, evacuation routes, first aid, emergency response.

This training is achieved by planning events or workshops that can be given by managers and supervisors or by external professionals.

Awareness campaigns:

Connect with employees by highlighting the risks they face if they do not comply with the company’s security requirements.

Create and communicate systems to motivate or sanction them to comply with safety standards.

security information is transferred

Fourth step, periodic review of the industrial safety and maintenance strategy.

An essential part of avoiding accidents and reducing occupational hazards is through preventive maintenance of machinery, tools, and safety methods, including the emergency plan.

This maintenance includes the changes established in the facilities at the beginning of implementing the new health and safety system and subsequent periodic maintenance.

The way to make this effective is to leave it in an annual plan, where the exact date on which the objects, installations, and machinery must be checked and verified for proper maintenance.

Fifth and final step, the finalization of the document.

A department should be established to record periodically the changes made to comply with the plan.

Likewise, the conclusions of the simulations and workshops carried out by the personnel and the acceptance of the plan can be written, all this to allow an easy evaluation of the acceptance and current state of health and safety of the company in the future.

In case you require external and specialized help to update your company, we are at your disposal.

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