What benefits does your company get with a COR certificate?

What benefits does your company get with a COR certificate?

It can be said that the COR certificate is becoming an expectation within the industry in Canada, which means that the benefits you get by having a COR certificate are varied in today’s market.

For us, obtaining a COR certificate gives your company a recognition from important national institutions that ensure good corporate performance.

The COR certificate demonstrates that your company has optimal health and safety performance within its projects and good internal leadership for effective safety implementation.

With our experience, we know that the benefits obtained with the COR certificate are some more. We specify them below:

Financial Gains:

Around the COR, financial incentives invite companies to maintain compliance with their health and safety protocols within their work routine.

The premium WCB Partnerships deliver these incentives in Injury Reduction (PIR) program in conjunction with other partners. They are intended to compensate companies for their investment in worker health and safety.

Financial gains

Compensation will depend on the performance of workers and employers in complying with the safety protocols on which the COR is based.

All reimbursement as part of the incentives will depend on the performance of each company in each specific industry.

It is estimated that an incentive of between 10% to 20% can be received depending on the workers’ performance, evaluated annually.

It should be noted that the only way to be part of this incentive program is when the company obtains and maintains a COR annually under internal and external audits.

Recognition Within The Industry:

The COR certificate applies to various industries, and within that same classification of line items, the corporate safety and health performance audited by the COR is measured.

Another benefit of obtaining a COR is that you get recognition within the industry in which you work. This certificate demonstrates to your customers and colleagues the commitment you have to business safety.

Thanks to the COR certificate, your customers know what to expect regarding your work routine, reducing the risk of accidents, and maintaining a positive work environment.

The certificate provides a status within the industry concerning customers, contractors, and even employees as it demonstrates the commitment and works to obtain and maintain a COR certificate.

Implementing corporate health and safety standards such as those required by the COR is a commitment for company leaders. The protocols are complex and need demand and patience to achieve change.

Whoever obtains and maintains a COR certificate is a company that has a real commitment to the safety of its workers and projects.

Currently, any industry requires COR certification before hiring, so it is a good idea to work towards obtaining the certificate.

Job Stability:

Job stability

Having a COR certificate demonstrates the company’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees. As a benefit, the desire of new employees to belong to the team.

It also generates loyalty and job stability since employees feel a great relief to work in a company concerned about safety.

Having employees feel safe and remain loyal to the company is a great way to increase work productivity, reduce employee absences and reduce the risks of employees getting sick or injured in the environment.

By obtaining a COR certificate, you demonstrate to the surrounding community your company’s commitment to maintaining optimal job performance, safety and preserving the health of each of your employees.

This provides not only trust and loyalty to the employee but also to their family and potential contractors.

Your commitment to the health and safety of your employees backed by a COR certificate demonstrates to others in your industry your business capability.

Obtaining a COR certificate brings several benefits to your company that you can not overlook. We can advise you with what you need to get your certificate quickly and easily.

We take care of giving you the guidance you need to establish the new occupational health and safety protocols and the most effective tips to apply and implement them among your employees effectively.

Contact us now, and we will do everything necessary to obtain your COR certificate with all its benefits.

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