Understanding the Obligations of Parties on the Worksite with COR in Alberta

Understanding the Obligations of Parties on the Worksite with COR in Alberta

Key Obligations of Parties on the Worksite with COR 

Employer Responsibilities 

Establish and maintain a safe work environment. This includes developing and implementing health and safety management systems, ensuring adequate training for employees, and making sure that all safety procedures are correctly followed. Employers must provide the necessary resources for supervisors and workers to fulfill their safety responsibilities. 

Supervisor Duties 

Act as intermediaries between employers and workers. Their primary function is to ensure that safety policies and procedures are implemented on the worksite. This includes overseeing daily activities, identifying potential hazards, and taking immediate corrective action when necessary. Supervisors must also ensure that workers receive adequate training and understand safety expectations. 

Worker Responsibilities 

Follow all safety policies and procedures established by the employer and supervisor. This includes using appropriate personal protective equipment, reporting unsafe conditions, and participating in safety training programs. Workers must be committed to safety and take an active role in identifying and mitigating risks. 

Importance of Fulfilling COR Obligations 

Not only helps prevent accidents and injuries but also ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Meeting COR obligations can improve the company’s reputation, boost employee morale, and reduce costs associated with workplace accidents and illnesses. 

Benefits of Relying on Think Safety Solutions 

Benefits of Relying on Think Safety Solutions 

Expertise in COR Processes 

Our deep and practical knowledge of Alberta regulations allows us to provide effective and customized solutions for each client.

Certified Safety Professionals 

Our team consists of highly trained and certified safety professionals, ensuring you receive the best advice and support at every stage of the COR process. 

Proven Track Record 

Think Safety Solutions has a proven track record of helping companies obtain and maintain their COR certification. Our reputation is built on consistently delivering positive results and customer satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions about COR Obligations 

What Happens if We Fail to Meet COR Obligations?

Failure to meet COR obligations can result in legal sanctions, fines, and a higher risk of workplace accidents. It can also negatively impact the company’s reputation and employee morale. 

How Can Think Safety Solutions Help with Compliance? 

At Think Safety Solutions, we offer the guidance you need to understand the COR process and current regulations. Our goal is to ensure your company efficiently and effectively meets all COR obligations. 

Contact Us for Expert Assistance If you need assistance meeting COR obligations in Alberta, do not hesitate to contact us. At Think Safety Solutions, we are ready to guide you in complying with all COR regulations.

How Can Think Safety Solutions Help you with COR

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