Understanding COR Audit: Approval Scores and Process

Understanding COR Audit Approval Scores and Process

What is the Approval Score for a COR Audit?


When undergoing a COR (Certificate of Recognition) audit, it is important to understand the approval scores required to obtain and maintain this certification. Approval scores may vary based on jurisdiction and certifying partner, but generally, minimum scoring requirements and specific criteria are established for different evaluated elements.

Minimum Scoring Requirements

A minimum scoring requirement is typically established. This minimum score ensures that the organization meets the established standards and requirements for occupational health and safety. It is crucial to understand the minimum score required to ensure that appropriate measures are being taken to meet safety standards.

Scoring Criteria for Different Elements

During the COR audit, different elements related to occupational health and safety are evaluated. Each element has specific scoring criteria used to determine the final rating. These criteria may include the implementation of safety policies and procedures, employee training, risk identification and control, management commitment, and worker involvement.

The COR Audit Process

Initial COR Certification Audit

During this audit, the organization’s compliance with the established requirements and standards for occupational health and safety is evaluated. If the required approval score is achieved, the COR certificate is granted.

Maintenance Years: Second and Third-Year Audits

After obtaining COR certification, the organization must undergo periodic maintenance audits in the second and third years. These audits aim to ensure that the organization continues to meet the established standards and requirements. The continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety management system is assessed, and the maintenance of approval scores is verified.

What is the Approval Score for a COR Audit

Audit Cycle: Years 4, 7, 10, etc.

Following the second and third-year maintenance audits, an audit cycle is established, repeating at regular intervals (e.g., every 3 years). Additional audits are conducted during this cycle to ensure ongoing compliance with occupational health and safety standards and requirements.

Understanding Audit Results

Successfully meeting the audit requirements results in confirmation that the organization has fulfilled the occupational health and safety requirements and achieved the required approval score. This demonstrates the organization’s commitment to the safety and health of its employees and validates its efforts in implementing an effective safety management system.

Consequences of Failing a COR Audit

Failing to achieve the required approval score during a COR audit can have significant consequences. These may include the loss of the COR certificate, the need to implement corrective measures to meet standards and requirements, and the possibility of facing sanctions and fines related to non-compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

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