Top Myths about NCSO® Certification Debunked

Top Myths about NCSO® Certification Debunked

Certifications related to occupational health and safety topics, such as the NCSO® Certification, require a series of necessary requirements to demonstrate the preparedness of the professional or company that applies for it.

Although they bring a series of economic and professional benefits for those who obtain them, today there are a series of myths about the NCSO certification that we will debunk below.

First myth. The duration of the certification is too short


This consideration is subjective, depending on each individual’s perspective. In the case of the NCSO® certification, which has a validity of three (3) years, we can add that it is a broad period in which significant offers for the professional development of the person will approach.

The investment is quickly rewarded considering the high demand in the market for job vacancies for professionals in the field of occupational health and safety in construction companies.

A professional with the NCSO certification can perform versatilely in construction projects, as an employee within a construction company, or by offering additional value by providing safe and healthy practices for everyone involved.

Therefore, in a period of three years, the professional will have collected even more experience, with significant economic and professional benefits. Also, the renewal process is more straightforward.

Second myth. It is not a certification oriented to the real world

When training a National Construction Safety Officer, theoretical and practical skills are provided to recognize, manage and implement improvements in health and safety management within the work area.

An essential part of why professionals are required to have a minimum of three years of experience is to have the necessary judgment to compare their practices with safe options and implement required improvements realistically.

One of the most complex preparations required for NCSO is more than 11 courses covering various aspects that will undoubtedly be used in the field during their responsibilities.

Third myth. The certification competes with experience

In the case of the NCSO® certification, experience and training go hand in hand. This document proves that the professional, in addition to having theoretical knowledge, has the necessary work experience to understand how to implement health and safety strategies.

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Fourth myth. There is an excess of professionals with the same certificate

The demand for professionals with NCSO® certification cannot be higher. Contrary to this fourth myth, many companies are looking for qualified and certified personnel to benefit from their experience in managing health and safety areas in construction.

This becomes a real incentive for those professionals with more than three years of experience in construction who wish to grow professionally and take advantage of these job vacancies.

Fifth myth. More and more certificates are always required

To debunk this myth, we will base it on the fact that performance is what counts. As a professional, it is essential that the person demonstrates their ability to adapt and commitment to benefiting the company in one way or another.

Although the NCSO certificate is a document that recognizes comprehensive preparation in the area of occupational health and safety, it is important to maintain this continuous desire for growth, with which they can adapt to changes and propose timely improvements.

It is not about having too many certificates; it is about making a difference within the company by proposing value offers to improve working conditions.

Having the experience and knowledge for this is essential, although the attitude will be the basis for achieving it.

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