Tips for Health and Safety policies Implementation in your company

Tips For Implementing Health And Safety Policies In Your Company

Your company’s health and safety policies implementation will define whether or not it is eligible for COR certification.

However, we are well aware that the health and safety policies established by COR auditors are demanding and challenging to implement when employees are used to a different work routine.

Even so, there is always the possibility that these changes are made in the best way and that is what we want to show you here.

Today we want to share the best way to implement health and safety policies in your company.



The best thing to do is to find out from experts that may assess the risks in your company.

This is achieved by means of an audit.

In this audit, the occupational health and safety expert writes a detailed report on the work situation and the risks to which employees are exposed in the workplace.

This report is the basis for creating changes and new policies to reduce these risks and ensure the health of employees. It is then easier to define the action plan that follows as it provides an exact guide of what to comply with in order to apply for the COR (Certificate of Recognition).

Establish Policies:

Establish Policies

Before generating any change, the employer must put its workers in context about the changes that are to come.

At this point, it is expected to obtain the participation of workers to devise policies that will help them achieve a safe and comfortable work environment.

It is the employer’s duty to take into account the participation of its employees to reach an agreement regarding the health and safety measures to be implemented and then put it in writing.

A well-constituted company maintains a security policy manual that should be disseminated to all employees.

This manual is based on the audit performed by the internal and external auditors and seeks to create a new work routine that reduces the inherent risks.

Leading And Delegating:

The responsibility for the successful implementation of health and safety policies rests with the employer and even the most senior managers, and it is these members who must be committed to enforcing the provisions of the policy manual.

With this in mind, the employer must decide who to appoint as manager and supervisor of the changes in each specific area.

With this responsibility, they should be required to report progress or changes, and it is these members who will be responsible for ensuring that the security policy is working.

It is in these reports that the changes to the new work routine and any complaints or complications that may arise will be noted.

Ongoing Training:

In order to require a member to take on the supervision of an entire work area, it is imperative that he or she be qualified to do so.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the level of occupational health and safety training of its employees is commensurate with what is required of them.

For example, every employee must know the health and safety policies, while supervisors must know how to apply them and how they fail.
Likewise, employees must comply with certain training required by law to enable them to react to risk-related complications.

It is also necessary to make training, communications and new information available to younger employees or newcomers. At this point, it is necessary to keep the information related to occupational health updated within the company.

Through training we seek to achieve the commitment of the employees with the health and safety of the company, thus achieving work teamwork among all the members of the company.

The way to prove that the training has been successfully implemented is through an examination organized by the employer or internal or external auditor.

In these exams, employees must meet a minimum score to pass, and according to the policies of each company, penalties and opportunities will be applied in case of failure to pass.

Ongoing Training

Documented Responsibility:

Once new health and safety policies are imposed, the work routine will change, each employee will have new responsibilities to add to his or her day, and by this, we do not mean extra time or effort.

Instead, we mean that each employee acquires a new responsibility for his or her own safety and that of his or her colleagues.

It is important that the employer and even senior managers are responsible for informing, reminding, and enforcing each employee of the new occupational safety code.

All of the above should be done formally and in writing so that there is a record of what happened, the progress and performance of each employee.

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