The importance of mental health in occupational health and safety

The Importance Of Mental Health In Occupational Health And Safety

For years the influence of psychology in the workplace was not taken seriously. However, today we understand that mental health is an essential part of occupational health and safety.

The focus on mental health as part of occupational health is an underpinning piece of all other occupational safety pillars and strategies.

A company that does not care about the mental health of its workers is a company that will not achieve a stable health and safe environment.

The psychological or mental health of an employee is related to many conditions within the workplace that can damage it, such as stress, excessive working hours, monotonous actions, discrimination based on race, sex, or creed, among others.

Providing a safe and healthy environment for all is the employer’s task and this task includes physical and mental stability.

Some Data On The Influence Of Psychology On Occupational Health


In Canada there are several studies that speak of the affectation of mental health in the workplace, and for this reason the government has decided to implement measures to improve the physical and mental health of workers.

The data are as follows:

47% of the Canadian working population feels that their job is the primary source of their stress.

Figures related to mental health damage per year are 1 in 5 Canadians affected.

More than $20 million from the Canadian government is allocated to mental health problems caused by work situations.

These figures make psychology a relevant topic to consider in the workplace.

For this reason, Canadian law establishes the responsibility of companies to create physically and psychologically stable work environments.

A safe and healthy work environment is concerned with the actual state of the work routine; the employer must provide the necessary supervision to determine whether or not the work routine is healthy for its employees.

Some data on the influence of psychology on occupational health

What Affects Psychological Health In A Work Environment?

There are several factors that can affect the emotional and mental stability of employees, depending on the type of industry and workload of the company.

However, the damages to the psychology of each employee are real, whether due to ignorance, negligence, or unconsciousness on behalf of the employer.

With this article, we seek to raise awareness around this issue so that employers who identify themselves will make the necessary changes to ensure a dignified environment for their employees.

Psychological Factors Affecting Occupational Health And Safety Are:

Too much workload.

Injustice and/or favoritism within the company.

Lack of opportunity for professional growth.

Low salary compensation.

Abuse of authority.

Violence of any kind within the work routine.


Sexual harassment or harassment of any kind.

Incomprehension of personal causes within the company.

Responsibilities that do not satisfy.

Negligence in the physical work environment.

All of these factors and perhaps others can affect the mental health of employees and burden the people who are part of your company with stress, anxiety and even depression.

Human beings must be understood in all their physical, mental, and emotional complexity.

Finding a work environment that values the human being as a whole is a treasure that should be taken to all companies, in order to achieve a more balanced society.

Lowering stress levels and demands to what is necessary is a fundamental task for employers as well as ensuring that there are no negative cases in their company that affect employees in any way.

Achieving a balance in occupational health and safety is a task that requires time and dedication. Still, it is definitely worth creating a safe, efficient, enjoyable, and productive work environment.

Techniques To Improve Mental Health At Work Through Psychology

Techniques to improve mental health at work through psychology

The employer must create a safe environment where employees can share their concerns, discomfort and discomfort.

A place where they are listened to without judgment and promised appropriate changes to eliminate and improve their mental health conditions.

For example, in cases of discrimination, harassment, or violence, the employee must have a space where he/she can unburden him/herself and at the same time feel respected.

Likewise, a department should be created to monitor and manage the necessary changes that protect the mental health of employees, where the workload of each one is monitored, the responsibilities according to their skills.

Create a space where the professional development of each employee is allowed by offering the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

Finally, to obtain a good occupational health and safety strategy, the employer must establish physical and psychological changes for all employees.

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