The benefits of obtaining a SECOR certification for small businesses in Alberta

The benefits of obtaining a SECOR certification for small businesses in Alberta

The SECOR is a certificate of recognition for small employers in Alberta, and it has become a hallmark awarded to those companies committed to improving occupational health and safety.

Thanks to motivation for proper management of safety and health standards within companies, today there are more than ten thousand active holders of the certificates that promote a safe province.

Let us remember that occupational health and safety does not only affect the company, but also its employees and the surrounding community.

What are the benefits of obtaining a SECOR in Alberta?


In the interest of promoting better safety management in Alberta businesses, the government has developed a number of benefits that encourage small business employers to want a SECOR, such as:

Alberta WCB PIR Rebates

Companies that perform better in risk management, strive to improve their work routine for a better, healthier and safer work environment may be eligible to receive up to a 20% rebate on WCB- Alberta premiums.

This is a good economic benefit, especially for small companies that are looking to expand professionally and economically.

Reduction of WCB premiums:

At the same time, the payment rate on the Workers’ Compensation Board is reduced. Savings are always a benefit for companies, which is why SECOR certification has become so attractive.

What are the benefits of obtaining a SECOR in Alberta

Minimize risks and incidents:

This benefit translates into two aspects: the first is the savings in incident-related expenses, and the second is related to the quality of the work environment and increased employee productivity.

By reducing risks, employees feel safe, protected and confident in the company, which motivates them to be more proactive.

Demonstrates your positive culture towards occupational safety:

Recognition makes public your commitment to care for your work processes, demonstrates your commitment to improvements in occupational health and safety so it highlights your company as part of a responsible service that attracts the attention of new customers.

Reputation is key to the expansion of companies and having a SECOR is a way to demonstrate the quality of your services.

Improves work environment:

A good work environment is always desirable as it manages to reduce stress and work pressure, both in workers and in bosses and employers. It also allows the exploration of other options, that is to say, it stimulates the proactivity and creativity of the employees.

On the other hand, the company becomes an attractive place for experienced professionals with skills that are sure to take the company to another level.

The benefits outweigh the paperwork

We know that obtaining and maintaining a SECOR is not an easy task, but with commitment and perseverance, you can make your company benefit from all points we told you above.

The benefits outweigh the paperwork
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