7 Signs You Should Switch To A New Safety Management Software Provider

7 Signs You Should Switch To A New Safety Management Software Provider

A safety management software’s functionality allows a wide range of tasks to be carried out, such as data collection, reporting, identification of possible risks, prevention of dangerous situations and creation of prevention strategies. With all this in mind, the system needs to be aligned with the company. 

Companies need a software that is the right size for their company’s needs and is vital for the proper development of occupational health and safety activities.  

Therefore, here are a few signs that may indicate that your safety management software needs to be changed. 

1. Software is not kept up to date with changes:


Standards that regulate the safety management of companies vary every year, and the changes are so frequent that a tool is required to keep alert of such changes. 

Some software fails to keep up with updates and complicates the process instead of helping. This signal can be noticed when creating reports that must comply with the updated standards. If you need to make several modifications to comply with the protocol, then you need to consider a different software. 

As a company leader, you should avoid slow processes. Therefore, finding ways to make processes efficient will keep employees focused. 

2. No control over the events:

The intention of putting software in place is to have a record that helps prevent events and that, if they do happen, you can learn from them to improve workplace safety. 

If your current software does not control risk situations accurately, it is an ineffective system, since one of its main purposes is to prevent accidents. 

When the system does not warn about procedures, the team is overburdened with responsibility and instead of improving the working condition, it worsens it. 

It is key that the intent to ensure the well-being of employees is maintained at all times. If the EHS tool fails to fulfill this purpose to the fullest extent, then a revamp is necessary. 

3. Do you need a larger team for record keeping?

Keep in mind that one of the functions of safety management software is to facilitate the logging of data for later analysis and reporting. If the recording process is slow, the data will accumulate and overload the safety department employees with work. 

The responsibility of managing occupational health and safety is already complex and adding a backlog of work can lead to poor data management, stress and a negative work environment. 

Harmonizing the environment is key to achieving workplace wellness and increased productivity. If you feel that the records are not as efficient as before, request a change of system. 

Do you need a larger team for record keeping

4. Constant complaints from staff related to the software

Ensuring a quick collection of data can have a positive impact on several aspects, such as higher employee productivity, updating the security system, less likelihood of receiving penalties for non-compliance. 

If employees complain about the efficiency of the software, it is time to review what is happening, especially if the complaints are constant, as it may mean an outdated system that puts the entire security strategy at risk. 

Look out for issues related to system down, delay in getting a report, difficulty entering data, etc. 

5. Impossibility of remote use

One of the greatest benefits of technology systems is portability. If it is impossible to use the system from any device, at any time and place, it is time to request a change.

6. The complexity of the system is managed by only a few employees of the company

The function of the software should fall on all employees so that it can be managed without limitations, but if there are problems and only a few employees are able to solve them, your company is at risk. 

In the absence of employees who know the system, the safety of the company becomes unbalanced. Therefore, investing in a new user-friendly software with guaranteed support that allows you to rely on the system at all times would be the wisest course of action. 

7. Insecurity about the software is felt when learning about an audit

Keeping details up to date is critical, especially when external audits are coming up, and relying on the effectiveness of the software ensures the quality of safety management. 

When employees in charge of occupational health and safety have doubts about the efficiency of records and reports, then the system needs to be improved. 

If you are experiencing even one of these situations, you can count on effective options, such as the one offered by Think Safety Solutions. 

Insecurity about the software is felt when learning about an audit

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