We can help you in creating and executing a Health & Safety Manual to meet the requirements for COR or SECOR.

Health & Safety
Manual Development

Safety manual is a company asset and is a prerequisite to run business within:

Forestry / Mining
Oil & Gas
And many more industries

We can help you in creating and executing a Health & Safety Manual to meet the requirements for COR or SECOR. Health and Safety Manual development is our strength, and we can assist you in becoming compliant with any of the COR or SECOR Partnerships.

Customized Sections:

PHSM Course

Health and Safety Policies

Hazard Assessments

Safe Work Practices

SECOR alberta

Safe Job Procedures

LSE Course Topics

Company Rules

Preventative Maintenance

Auditor Training Program (ATP) Course​

Training and Communication

Leadership For Safety Excellence Prerequisites​


PHSM Course

Investigations and Reporting

Emergency Response

PHMS Certification

COR Compliance Planning and Implementation

Many businesses do not have the means to hire a health and safety professional.  Sometimes, the person they assign to oversee their program does not even have health and safety know-how. They may not know where to start or may often become upset with their new duties.

Whether your company is large or small, we can help you maintain and manage your existing health and safety program. We will guide your company through each step of becoming COR/SECOR certified.

We will evaluate your health and safety program, effectuate solutions and prepare your company for auditing.

Annual COR Audit

COR® Certification is valid for only for three years and must be validated yearly with a Letter of Good Standing that authenticates that training, auditing, and general standards are kept. The certification audit cycle repeats in years 4, 7, 10, etc.

Authentication of the application of your safety and health management system is evaluated through a series of formal audits which includes observations of the workplace, going over documentation, and interviewing employees using the audit tool and process approved.

When going through the audit process, bear in mind that:

  • if you do not have a health and safety management system, it may take a year or more to complete the whole process
  • October to December is the busiest audit season, so an audit will take longer during this time
  • if modifications are needed by the auditor, this will add more time to the process
  • if the auditor does not meet deadlines for finishing or submitting the audit, or if the audit does not pass quality assurance, your audit won’t be acknowledged. You will have to get a new one done, and your COR could expire while you are renewing it.

Having us and using our system, say goodbye to paper-based inspection. Your company will surely diminish the amount of manual labor and supplies needed to find, correct, and refile documentation, which also means saving money. Let’s make your annual audit stress-free and hassle-free.

If you want more details, a 20-minute demo, or just a quick chat, contact us today. We love talking about safety solutions and always have time to help you succeed.

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