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The legislation that regulates occupational health and safety management establishes the mandatory of a safety manual for obtaining and maintaining the COR or SECOR. It is a document created with the intention of have on hand all the information relevant to the safety strategies to be applied in the company.

It is an important element in good occupational health and safety management, since it is the basis for all the requirements and procedures that must be considered during the workday in order to maintain safety in the company. 

Since occupational health and safety are important issues, because both have a significant impact on the lives of employees, it is necessary to comply with comprehensive standards to reduce the possibility of accidents.


We create Safety Manual for

We create Safety Manual for

The creation of a security manual is a complex process; it must understand every detail and cover all high-risk aspects of the company and the strategies to reduce those risks.

You can count on Think Safety Solutions for the creation of this type of manuals, which must be customized to adapt to the characteristics of each company, the industry, the number of employees, the machines and even the communication protocols that can affect safety management.

The safety manual prevents all these circumstances, creates reaction strategies and minimizes the chances of accidents. The only way for this to be possible is for each company to have its own manual.

Think Safety Solutions is a company with experience in the area that is in charge of creating specific manuals for each business area, adapting to the characteristics and needs of its clients.


The construction industry requires a specific safety manual that covers all aspects of risks experienced by employees during the workday, for example: back care, radiation management, personal protective equipment, strategies for dealing with heat and cold stress, management of electrical hazards, traffic hazards, loading and unloading machine operation.

Developing a safety manual for construction companies is a broad and specific task, since it is necessary to know the daily work routine, workspaces, emergency management, among other aspects that will be treated with greater attention in the manual.


In order to create a safety manual for a manufacturing company, it is necessary to know in principle the work chain, the operative machines, the materials, storage and distribution methods, the details that need protection for each of the employees within the factory.

This document will provide evidence of the changes and improvements implemented in occupational safety management.



Risk management for these industries is indispensable as workers are exposed to a variety of hazards, from handling heavy loads, working in a challenging environment to the loneliness and independence required to perform the job.


It specifies the main safety strategies and tools to be applied in sectors such as this to reduce the risk to employees and the city’s liability.

Oil and Gas

An area where the volatile must be kept under control, security protocols are specific and require continuous attention. By means of a security manual, the company can maintain a linear communication in this aspect.



For this type of transportation, it is necessary to write a specific safety manual that covers the different risks that are suffered within this industry, for example, action protocol in inclement weather, defensive handling techniques, fall protection, handling and storage according to the nature of the product, among others.

And many more industries

The rest of the industries also require a specialized opinion on the subject that can evaluate and distinguish the risks and establish protection strategies and materials.

At Think Safety Solutions you can find the support required to develop the ideal safety manual for your safety certification.

Safety manuals for:

The safety manual becomes an asset for your company with which you can set a standard in the quality of the service or product you offer.


Within the Small Employer Recognition Certification (SECOR), different health and safety programs and manuals can be unified to receive or maintain the certification.


In order to obtain or maintain a certificate of recognition (COR) it is necessary to define a safety manual applied to the company.

Safety manuals for
Learn more about Our Safety Manual Solutions

Learn more about Our Safety Manual Solutions

Our safety manual solutions offer a compilation of actions around what is required as requirements for obtaining the COR / SECOR.

Through the training we provide at Think Safety Solutions, we are able to allow the workers capable of creating a document as essential as the Safety Manual

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