Safety consultant services

Safety in Alberta, as in all other cities, is a complex issue, requiring attention and dedication to cover all aspects of safety management in all areas of the company.

Knowledge of the details of implementing a health and safety program can be a challenge for any employer. In order to make these situations easier, companies like Think Safety Solutions are formed to offer a strong and experienced guidance. 


Safety consultant services for COR

When companies commit to the responsibility of improving health and safety within their work routine in order to obtain a certificate of recognition they have a to-do list, a lot of messy information that needs to be managed and implemented gradually so that these changes are not overwhelming.

Safety Consultant Services For COR

A customized security consultation to obtain a COR is ideal to establish the improvement parameters required by the company. The plan to follow in these cases are:

After committing to constant improvement, a permanent employee or several employees should be appointed to form a safety department and be trained in this.

Get an accurate training plan for these members of the company.

Contact an external audit team to help them identify the faults and create new strategies.

Other cases that require a consultative view is for COR maintenance, for which an audit can be used to make clear the areas for improvement.

Safety consultant services for SECOR

Through this service, we help small companies to develop the necessary strategies to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. The conversation aims to create a space for growth and development for the company’s employees and who can learn to apply our health and safety strategies.

It can be simplified as the same service as for the COR with the difference that with this one you want to obtain a SECOR Certificate.

Need help deciding what safety services you require? Contact us!

At Think Safety Solutions we offer clear guidance on what you require, our sales representative are available to listen to your case carefully and recommend the best options suited to your needs.

Safety consultant services for SECOR
What are included in our Safety Consultant Services

What are included in our Safety Consultant Services?

What you will find in our consulting service is:

The analysis of your current program (if you already have one) .

The aspects that your program needs to achieve in order to qualify for a COR/SECOR.

Training required to obtain the certificate of recognition.

Experienced step-by-step guidance on how to obtain your certification.

Safety Manual

Safety Manual

The safety manual is developed after the company is known and evaluated, as it must cover all aspects of risk with new management strategies. Within this document, there is a clear guide of the appropriate action for the maintenance of safety.

Once companies are able to implement the safety manual, the perception of the environment improves.

Safety registry compliance & maintenance

Strategies for the implementation and acceptance of safety and occupational health improvements are also stipulated within Think Safety Solutions. Training strategies are defined that keep employees motivated to comply with safety requirements.

Enforcing the new changes is a complex task; all aspects must be kept under control.

Online Safety Training

The trainings offered by Think Safety Solution are online, which means that, they can be carried out within the employee’s schedule, which offers them additional convenience.

Through these trainings the internal auditor or the safety committee will learn the necessary to recognize risks, establish strategies for safety optimization, etc.

Safety registry compliance & maintenance
Safety program consultation

Safety program consultation

It is important that the safety program be developed as the company adapts to these changes, this plan must contain the necessary details for the total control of the risks.

Identify risks, actions in case of emergency, strategies to reduce risks, protocols for handling hazardous products or materials, among other aspects that are defined according to each company’s line of business.

Job Hazard Assessment Assistance

Through this analysis all possible risks inside of a company are identified, in order to reduce them or find a way to manage them, experts in this area make a report with the existing hazards. 

Within this risk analysis, accident antecedents can be investigated, which can serve as a guide to prepare workers in a realistic context.

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