Preparing for COR Certification Training in Canada

Preparing for COR Certification Training in Canada

COR Certification is a valuable recognition that demonstrates a company’s commitment to occupational health and safety. Proper preparation for training is essential to make the most of this program in Canada.

Overview of COR Certification Training Program


COR training covers various crucial aspects of occupational safety. From understanding health and safety legislation to developing skills for effectively managing health in the workplace, the program focuses on creating safe and healthy work environments.

Essential Courses in COR Certification Training

Understanding Health and Safety Legislation in Alberta

A fundamental pillar of COR training is a deep understanding of health and safety legislation in Alberta. This course provides a detailed overview of regulatory requirements, ensuring legal compliance.

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Principles of Health and Safety Management

Effective health and safety management is essential. This course addresses key principles for developing and maintaining a robust management system that meets COR standards. Upon completion, participants will be able to identify risks, create reports, and define safety strategies to prepare the company for COR certification audits.

COR Certification Training Delivery Methods

COR Certification Training Delivery Methods

Flexibility in training delivery is crucial. Methods include online classes and interactive sessions, allowing students to tailor the schedule to each company’s needs.

Skill Development through COR Certification Training

COR training not only provides theoretical knowledge but also focuses on the practical development of skills. From identifying and evaluating risks to implementing safety measures, participants acquire applicable skills in the workplace.

The Role of Internal Auditors in COR

Internal auditors play a crucial role in the COR certification process. This course addresses their responsibilities, ensuring they are equipped to conduct effective internal audits.

Preparing for COR certification training in Canada is a strategic step for any company that values the safety and health of its employees. Each course provides essential knowledge and practical skills, laying the foundation for success in obtaining and maintaining COR certification.

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