Leadership in Safety Excellence (LSE) Course

The Leadership in Safety Excellence LSE Course  is a two-day Virtual Instructor Lead Training course.

It is designed to help participants understand the components and application for Leadership for Safety Excellence through interactive activities in our online classroom platform.

Participants will learn effective and practical tools for daily use that stimulate team work to be part of a pleasant environment built primarily for health and safety. 

This workshop is intended to train leaders interested in promoting excellence in safety within their company. 

It is a necessary learning experience for companies wishing to obtain their COR certificate. Although no prior preparation is needed to enroll, it is recommended for members in supervisory positions in the company. 

However, any member can also use it as the latter feature is not limiting. 

The topics to learn in this training are:

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The role of supervisor:

This training details the supervisor’s responsibilities, to what extent he/she should delegate, and when he/she should intervene. 

It aims to train supervisors who are forewarned and capable of noticing the weaknesses and failures of the team in order to minimize occupational hazards. An efficient supervisor can help avoid future complications and, at the same time, achieve timely solutions to conflicts. 

At this point, fantastic leaders are developed who know their abilities and each team member and can create functional strategies to improve the work routine. 

Safety responsibilities of each member of the company:

It is fundamental to understand that the possibility of creating a healthy and safe environment within a company is based on the communication and cooperation of all members; at this point, managers, supervisors, and workers are included. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to define the obligations with each department, of each participant according to his or her position. 

Under the practical guidance of this training, you will be able to identify current failures, create changes in the work routine of each team member and define new responsibilities with solid bases that you will be able to defend. 

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Company culture:

Part of leadership is the identity within the company; knowing the company’s culture and customs will help you form functional strategies and understand the best way to communicate and influence staff.

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Safety inspections:

In this part of the training, you will get to sharpen your senses in search of hazards by leading effective inspections that oversee the company’s health and safety management. 

Achieving effective inspections is an art that develops with time and practice; this tool is the basis for successful strategies that minimize risks and incidents and ensure a healthy work environment. 

Hazard assessments:

Hazard assessments are performed based on the types of hazards found in the company’s line of business; it is a technical analysis carried out by the leader in the work field and aims to visualize the risks and establish an immediate solution.

LSE Course
LSE Course Topics

Incident investigation:

It is important to know the reason why incidents happen, either past or recent events; they all serve for the creation of prevention strategies. 

An essential part of occupational health and safety is to prevent accidents that may occur during the workday, investigate and analyze the events can provide effective responses to address and minimize risks. 

Training and communication to workers:

As leaders, we must find the best way to encourage and motivate all team members to follow good health and safety management guidelines. 

To achieve this, it is necessary to train, prepare and communicate to the team all changes in routines, the reason for the changes, and the results that the company wants to obtain. 

LSE Course

Why is it important to take this course?

Leadership for Safety Excellence Certification

This certificate is a prerequisite for the COR certificate in Alberta. 

It is essential to have an LSE certification for the company and for the leader who obtains it as it provides an important sense within the health and safety department. 

How do I get certified?

It is necessary to complete the course in two phases; the first is an exam that must have a score equal to or greater than 80%. 

The second, copies of the following documents must be sent to ACSA: 

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