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Increase Profits and Improve Competitiveness

In 2014, Alcoa (the aluminum manufacturing giant ) reached all time profit highs by focusing on only one thing - safety. By using safety as a competitive advantage you can increase your competitiveness and maximise your margins. Safety is important in and of itself but it is also key to running an effective and growing business. A safe and secure business is also an expanding business.

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Reduce Downtime and Remove Inefficiencies

A common business mistake is viewing safety only as a must. When you instead start using safety to your advantage the potential is immense. A properly run safety system removes massive worker inefficiencies, reduces repeative tasks, and prevents worker and equipment downtime. Bottom line - doing safety right means the difference between increasing profits or increasing problems.

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Bring the Team Together to Move Them Forwards

Your typical safety system is a bunch of files in a box somewhere. When you use a safety system that brings a team together you create the opportunity to move them forwards. By leading with safety you have the solid foundation you need to go furthar. A team that learns to respect themselves is a team that can also respect your business. Real safety is necessary to move a company forwards.

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About Think Safety Solutions

How Exactly We Can Help You

This isn't just some new safety system that is simply better than the others. It is a completely new approach to making safety matter through your perspective. Safety shouldn't come at the expense of increased project costs and slower completion times. When done right safety should mean higher margins, quicker projects, and improved business results.

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Measurable Progress

See real time feedback on work flow, completions, and growth.

Competitive Edge

Improve your competiveness on new bids, projects, and deliverables.

Real Time Management

Know where your team is at and what is needed to move forwards.

Secure Your Business

Avoid fines, law suits, and penalties. Know you are fully covered at all times.

Complete Coverage

Connect onsite progress direct with the office and the boardroom.


We always have you covered with support, training, and new features.

Have You Been Doing Safety Right?

A different approach for new results

The main benefit we see with the companies we help is that a new safety approach isn't just limited to safety. Its having everyone and everything ready to get started. Its reducing the costs while increasing the profits. Its winning new bids and being the easy choice amongst your competitors. It is doing something different that makes a real difference.

Most of your competitors are sleeping on their safety. When something goes wrong they hope they were covered. Apart from the obvious downfalls of a defensive safety approach they also miss the opportunity to use safety as a competitive selling point. Our safety systems link into how you sell and gain new business. We will give you the edge you need.

How Think Safety Solutions Work

How We Help You Progress

Whether you need to reduce costs, secure your companies safety, or win more business, we can provide the custom safety systems that will make it easy to hit your targets and make onward progress.


Everything Online and in One Place

Have all your safety easily accessible on a secure cloud based platform. Avoid knowing about issues until it's too late.

Use a preventative approach so cost, time, and efficiency can be monitored and managed upfront - not when the damage has already been done.


Customized, Professional, and Secure

Every companies safety policies, producers, and culture are different. We will customize our approach to perfectly build off what has already been working for your business.

We have the ability to customize our solutions to match exactly the specific work you do. The more specialized your business - the more we can help.


Real Time Management and Feedback

Avoid the delays in communication that can cripple work flow. You will be instantly alerted of any potential issues long before they can cause trouble.

Lead from the front instead of trailing from behind. We will give you the ability to know what needs to be taken care of, and what has already been completed.

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