How to maintain and improve a COR

How to maintain and improve a COR

COR certification embodies a company’s commitment to occupational health and safety. This system, created in Canada, motivates employers to create effective safety systems to provide risk-free workplaces in compliance with provincial laws. 

By doing so, companies improve their work routine by creating safe environments that benefit not only the employee, but also their customers, positively affecting the company’s growth. 

Being a certification system, it requires continuous commitment so that it can be renewed year after year. How is it achieved? Here we tell you about it. 

5 steps to maintain the COR certificate

It is a virtual training intended for a senior member of staff, such as a supervisor, manager, officer who can lead the rest of the workers on the right line to improve occupational health and safety. 

It also may be recommended to a member of the health and safety department as long as they hold a higher rank than other employees. 

Here are the course topics: 

1. Commitment:

Without the owners’ and managers’ commitment, the certificate will not be sustainable. 

Occupational health and safety is a team effort in which we must ensure the correct use of standards to achieve safe environments. 

Once the company’s top management is committed, the improvements recommended by the internal auditor can be implemented. It should be noted that an employee designated as an auditor will also be needed to follow the commitment as well as the rest of the members of the company.

2. Information or training:

It should be remembered that the COR assessment meets legal standards based on the laws of the provinces of Canada. Therefore, there are precise legal obligations that companies must comply with. 

The person in charge of occupational health and safety must be kept abreast of reforms to these laws and how best to apply them in their department. 

The company is seriously liable when work-related injury accidents occur. Know the steps to take in case something gets out of control. 

5 steps to maintain the COR certificate

3. Safety strategy:

As an auditor, you should come up with an occupational health and safety plan that involves every employee. 

This plan is developed after identifying hazards within the work routine and proposing improvements to minimize or eliminate those hazards. It is a detailed manual on how maneuvers should be performed in order to be safe. 

Likewise, the influence or application of the plan within the work routine must be emphasized. That is to say, to enforce the changes through supervision methods and/or sanctions. 

4. Be prepared for the external audit:

Although this is a scheduled session, the internal auditor needs to prepare throughout the year with the appropriate documentation to undergo this evaluation. 

The new strategy plan should be recorded, as well as all the improvements implemented in order to optimize occupational health and safety. 

As with the first audit, employees will be interviewed, documents will be verified and facilities will be examined to define the final score. 

5. Continuous monitoring:

The main objective of this certificate of recognition is to encourage the continuous improvement of health and safety aspects within companies. 

It is essential that continuous monitoring of the established changes is practiced, as well as the generation of new reports in order to record their evolution. 

On the other hand, keep abreast of new legal guidelines to implement any changes in the program and promote continuous improvement in order to reduce risks within the company. 

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