What are some common misconceptions about COR certification?

What are some common misconceptions about COR certification

The COR Certificate of Recognition is obtained thanks to the integration of the occupational health and safety culture within the workplace. As we have already mentioned on several occasions, it goes far beyond establishing safety parameters.

Developing a safety culture within a company is a process that considers several physical, psychological and environmental aspects that conclude in a positive way to reduce or eliminate risks in the work area.

In view of this broad consideration, people have developed misconceptions around COR and we want to mention these to mitigate them and encourage more and more companies to join this initiative that favors all those involved.

List of misconceptions surrounding COR


Investing in security is not profitable:

This concept is a total lie. Obviously, the safety management and changes required for certification are large and require commitment on the part of employers, but the payback is felt in a variety of ways.

By developing a safe and harmonious workplace, it becomes a more productive work routine, you eliminate lost time due to accidents and unforeseen expenses due to increased insurance premiums. A more constant workflow is maintained as employees feel identified with the company, they take care of themselves and the machines they work with.

Therefore, profitability starts to be felt from the very beginning of the process.

Wearing safety equipment translates into occupational safety:

Safety equipment is known as “Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)”, which is a protective system that is indispensable and must be available to every employee who requires it.

However, the health and safety system in the company goes beyond that. It focuses on an integral care of the process, being attentive to changes, consulting if the maintenance of the areas and machines has been done frequently, communicating when a risk scene is present, among other actions that help to create safe spaces.

The commitment to achieve occupational health is from each team member and it is about integrating an overall culture to keep everyone safe.

List of misconceptions surrounding COR

Responsibility lies in management:

While it is true that members of management initiate the process and provide the information and ensure that the learnings are applied, we cannot exempt the other members of the team from responsibility.

Occupational safety is achieved by listening to what employees have to say about their work routine; they are the ones who are exposed to risk and can identify failures.

It is advisable to emphasize that safety is everyone’s job and to create compensation systems for employees that help to make safe practices so that the responsibility no longer falls on the management, but on the whole team.

A safety training is enough to change the company's situation:

The process of implementing safety standards to obtain COR certification is complex. It is about redirecting employees’ habits to achieve new, safer practices.

In addition to providing the information, it will be necessary to establish reward systems that motivate each member to implement the suggested changes, and it is also possible that more frequent meetings will be held to identify failures.

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Find out the common misconceptions about COR

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