Does COR certification expire?

Does COR certification expire

Occupational health and safety is an area that requires constant care and evolution. Therefore, the COR certificate expires in order to keep companies motivated to continue improving their safety systems.  

COR recognition certificates are awarded to companies for periods that vary according to their performance and industry. You can be awarded a certification for one year or for three years. However, this does not mean that you can relax in three years, because you must perform maintenance audits in the second year and once a year thereafter. 

How is a COR maintained?


There are two options: you can request maintenance audits or make a Maintenance Action Plan. This second option applies only for some companies.

Maintenance audit:

Once you receive the COR certificate for three years you must consider a maintenance for the following two years, this is based on performing internal audits that must be registered in CCSA to prepare for maintenance audits. Ideally, this preparation should be done three months before the time of the evaluation. 

It should be noted that, within the evaluation, the documentation of the last 12 months should be reviewed, where all the actions and safety changes applied in the company’s routine should be recorded. Also, employees will be interviewed, who must have a confident and accurate perception of the company’s actions. 

The qualification must be higher than 60% for the auditor to consider maintaining the certification. 

Maintenance action plan:

How Is A COR Maintained

This plan is intended to generate the motivation of the company and its employees to continue improving the safety system within the work area. In these plans, the considerations given by the most recent auditor are taken into account and a team of trained volunteers is formed to generate new ideas around this department. 

This is not the same action plan that the company creates after the audit, but a more specific and advanced one that proposes efficient changes. 

Only a few companies can apply for this option. As part of this selection, the following requirements must be met: 

Having a current COR.

Having a complete COR cycle, i.e. successfully passing the first 3 years and a recertification.

A score of 90% or higher on the recertification audit.

Applying for permission to use this option directly to the CCSA and no later than March 31 of the current year.

In the application, the employer must attach the Action Plan foreseen to be considered for approval of this option.

What benefits does maintaining the COR bring to a company?

In addition to the economic and professional benefits that the certificate offers, the motivation for companies to maintain this certificate is that they are eligible to obtain 5% of the industry fee each year. 

Moreover, the changes that are achieved within the work environment after receiving and maintaining the COR are palpable: employees feel more confident and valued, which translates into higher productivity. 

What is internal auditing all about?

Having a permanent staff member in charge of the company’s safety management is key to achieving the COR recognition certificate. This member of the company must be trained in advance and be attentive to maintenance dates in order to prepare for audits and present the documentation in order when the time comes. 

If for any reason the internal auditor leaves the company prior to the maintenance assessment, there are three ways to resolve the situation: 

Contact the CCSA to report the situation and ask that consideration be given to working with another member in the midst of their training in the area.

Opt to send a new staff member to training and, if there is time, wait for them to complete their tasks when finished to face evaluation.

Hire an external auditor.

Having qualified and experienced personnel in all these topics is critical. You can count on Think Safety Solution for consulting and training.

What Is Internal Auditing All About

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