Differences between COR and other security programs

Differences between COR and other security programs

What are the differences between COR and other occupational safety programs such as WSIB and OHSAS?


To answer the question, each of the safety programs that are known in Canada as a work standard should be described.

What does the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) propose?

It can be defined as an occupational health and safety system in the province of Ontario and provides group liability insurance to employers in order to cover any emergency situation occurring on the job.

Likewise, WSIB’s proposal includes education on occupational health and safety issues in various industries.

They currently offer a voluntary program called “Excellence in Health and Safety”, which applies to construction companies and aims to serve as a roadmap for safer work environments.

They also have requirements that align with the COR Certificate of Recognition process, making it a complement that supports the safety standards imposed by this certification.

What is OHSAS about?

The OHSAS certification program has been updated and is now known as ISO 45001. It is an international guideline on occupational health and safety management. This program helps companies to maintain a standard of work and offers a development guide that goes beyond safe practices.

ISO 45001 revolves around the risk management of the companies from a legal compliance framework. It is applied in companies of different industries, and it also develops occupational health and safety standards to be applied in the operational area.

Internationally, ISO 45001 is used to maintain financial, environmental and physical safety standards in companies, as well as to preserve the health and safety of employees.

What does the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) propose

What is the COR Certificate of Recognition?

It is defined as a national program applicable in each of Canada’s provinces and is intended to encourage continuous improvement in occupational safety and health standards.

It is endorsed by various national institutions that help to promote the COR recognition certificate at national level. It represents a distinctive seal for companies as it demonstrates their commitment to achieve safe and healthy practices in different business areas.

Through COR, harmonious work environments can be developed, since it is not only a program that focuses on improving work practices, but also on implementing new methodologies to maintain the physical and psychological health of employees.

How do occupational health and safety programs in Canada relate to each other?

By means of the objective, which is to develop companies with safe, healthy and solid practices, these programs manage to ally with each other. Each one serves in a different way according to the company’s own characteristics. However, they are related to each other due to the goal they wish to achieve.

Through occupational safety and health programs, the government of Canada is able to reduce occupational incidents and injuries, improve the quality of life of the population and ensure that the operation of industries will not have a negative effect on the environment.

What do you think about these security programs? Would you like to include your company in one of them?
What is the COR Certificate of Recognition

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