COR certification training

COR certification training

Before being granted a COR certificate, companies must commit themselves to improve their safety management within the work environment. One approach to checking this new management model is through training sessions in which they learn how to face and reduce each company’s risks in a general way.  

The search for this certification starts by the employer’s decision to take this path of improvement, and by the selection of a permanent employee to fulfill the role of internal auditor, who must be trained in order to do the job successfully. 

However, training is offered to all members of the company, since in matters of occupational safety everyone is responsible. Employers, supervisors and collaborators must receive clear information to prevent and improve occupational health and safety conditions.

COR certificate training is a series of courses that help internal auditors develop the skills to observe risks and create strategies to eliminate them. They seek to condition the trainee’s attitude to improve every aspect of the industry in order to achieve a safe, healthy and motivating work environment. 

What does the training for a COR certificate look like?


It can be delivered in two ways: Physical learning or on-site training, which means that the trainer comes to the company to provide the information in a practical way to the selected members. E-learning or virtual training is a series of classes delivered virtually with the same scope.

What courses are required to obtain a COR certificate?

In Alberta, the following courses are required:

Knowledge of Alberta OSH legislation (LEG).

Principles of Health and Safety Management (PHSM).

Auditor Training Program (ATP).

Leadership for Safety Excellence (LSE).

Upon completion of this training, the rest of the company’s employees and supervisors must be trained and a safety program must be established and put in place for a minimum of three verifiable months in order to apply for the COR.

What is each course about?

What does the training for a COR certificate look like

Knowledge of Aberta's OSH legislation (LEG):

The OSH Act governs the management of occupational health and safety in Alberta. Through this course, trainees develop a clear and strong notion of the duties and rights framed in this legislation. 

It is seen as an initial step to understanding what the commitment to occupational health and safety is all about and, within this course, trainees learn how to handle and search for information in the various manuals and legislations in a hands-on manner so that they are ready to face a real situation. 

The module is designed for a period of eight hours in which trainees will learn various aspects related to current legislation as well as: its interpretation, compliance tools, knowledge of the various manuals, regulations and laws that influence decisions. 

Principles of Health and Safety Management (PHSM):

The design of this course is more hands-on because it seeks for trainees to be able to identify risks and apply effective techniques that generate immediate change. 

Once we have a clear vision of what we want to achieve with the federal regulations on occupational health and safety, we move on to practice, knowing the qualities of the industry in which each company operates. 

The aim is to awaken in workers this desire to create improvements in their workplace and provide them with the necessary tools to be able to successfully create such improvements. 

The design of this module requires an investment of two days of time and includes the following topics: 

Risk assessment.

Hazard management and control.

Health and safety committee.

Employee responsibilities.


Emergency plans.

Management leadership.

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What is each course about

Auditor Training Program (ATP):

This training is designed for workers who will become internal auditors. That is, the people selected to be in charge of the health and safety management of the company, who will ensure compliance with the new standards, dictate the changes and keep everything in order to receive the visit of the external auditor. 

The preparation of this agent must be arduous for all the responsibility that falls on their shoulders. This course finds a way to alleviate this by offering the tools to deal with it in the right way. 

This is a three-day online training that will provide valuable information about their responsibilities, objectives and an instruction on the best way to accomplish them. 

Leadership for Safety Excellence (LSE):

It is critically important for companies, and to ensure the implementation of new systems, that auditors or workers related to the health and safety department are trained as leaders. 

Through this leadership course, trainees develop skills to stimulate teamwork, to share and train workers and to create a pleasant working environment that keeps everyone motivated. 

The importance of applying this course lies in the fact that, through the skills acquired, the leader will be able to positively influence the rest of the workers and make the new health and safety system work better. 

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