What does cor certification mean

What does cor certification mean

The COR certificate demonstrates the commitment of companies to comply, beyond what is established by law, with optimal risk management that guarantees occupational health and safety. 

It is a program that prepares, develops, and invites to implement changes within the work routine of the companies that favor the care of the integrity of the collaborators. 

Its objective is to minimize the risks of accidents and injuries in the work environment. This specific occupational health and safety training program prepare the companies’ members to evaluate and identify risks to promote the necessary improvements to avoid them. 

It represents several benefits for the companies that choose to obtain its certification, such as representative economic savings, competitive advantage in the market, and a safe working environment.

Is COR mandatory?

It is not a requirement for companies, but it guarantees employees a stable working conditions and, at the same time, minimizes some other expenses to the company related to the safety and health of its collaborators. 

The COR is a trademark that, through its associate members, supervises, evaluates, and guarantees compliance with the standardized health and safety program for companies according to the industry and jurisdiction in which they are located. 

It is voluntary and certifies the risk management and occupational health system beyond the current legal requirements. It rewards those companies that are proactive and committed to the continuous improvement of working conditions that guarantee safety and sound risk management.

What supports COR certificates and their allied members

What supports COR certificates and their allied members?

Each certificate is endorsed by the Canadian Federation of Building Safety Associations at the national level. These, in turn, are awarded by associate members dispersed around the country to have a presence in each province.

Companies that form as associate members to provide other COR companies must have a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that guarantees the ability to act as an authority in that jurisdiction. 

For this reason, there are many associate members in the various provinces of Canada, all capable of granting COR certificates with appropriate oversight of compliance with safety standards. 

Each associate member provides employers with the necessary advice to improve occupational safety and health conditions, monitors or audits changes and developments in risk management, and ultimately becomes the first point of contact for resolving COR issues in that jurisdiction.

They also can add requirements for each category when deemed necessary and provide training for employers.

What are the reasons why employers choose to obtain a COR certificate?

It has become an influential movement within the country to use this accreditation. The incentive is natural because having a certificate offers companies status in the market. It guarantees its customers the quality and commitment to safety in its production processes and service. 

At the same time, it guarantees a safe and healthy workplace, which reduces injuries or accidents at work, resulting in long-term savings for the company. 

It also suggests the requirement of more trained staff and professionals in the area that will highlight the value and productivity of the company; they are human resources who prefer to work in a place with good working conditions that are guaranteed by the certificate.

In conclusion, although this certificate is voluntary, there are many reasons to choose to obtain it to enhance the value of the company and establish a higher status within the market that makes it worthwhile. 

Think Safety Solutions is an associate member that can grant COR certificates in Alberta; they have agents capable of advising, assessing risks, and training companies to manage risks.

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