How much does COR certification cost?

How much does COR certification cost

The COR certificate demonstrates an optimal health and safety management system within a company; therefore, defining the cost of this accreditation will depend on the specific needs of each user. 

For a company to obtain the COR certificate in Alberta, it must contact an associate member or certifying partner, companies dedicated to audit and supervising risk management, establish a risk management parameter, train leaders and recommend the necessary improvements to comply with the accreditation. 

The process with each partner is different; it depends on the industry and the conditions of the company, so the final price of the certification varies.

What is the responsibility of a certification partner?

Organizations registered as the government of each jurisdiction supervise certifying partners. For this reason, they have various responsibilities related to supervision, training, and consultancy around the subject of occupational health and safety. 

In a company with certifying partner capabilities, you will find support in: 

What is the responsibility of a certification partner

It is necessary to support an associate member to obtain the certificate; simultaneously, these become allies of the companies since, in their audit process, they identify with the procedures and discover the most beneficial ways to manage risks to minimize them. 

The responsibilities of the certifying partner become the advantages they offer to companies that require practical guidance in minimizing their risks.

Other costs are associated with the COR certificate.

In addition to connecting with a certification partner to guide the certification process, companies must implement a risk management system, which may include significant changes within the work routine. 

Sometimes companies require training related to risk management.

In addition, an external audit is also required to ensure compliance with the implemented changes and the health and safety conditions of each employee.

In this audit, a specific parameter is met and must be passed with a 70% score to achieve a pass. 

Think Safety Solutions is an organization registered as a certification partner that offers extensive services around COR certification. With their help, your company can manage an effective risk management system, implement the adjustments, apply for the audit, and finally get certified. 

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