What are the advantages of obtaining COR certification?

advantages of obtaining COR certification

Getting a COR certification brings several benefits to companies in Canada and, although these benefits vary according to the province where the companies operate, it becomes very interesting to comply with the requirements to have the certification.  

In Alberta, the benefits are quite substantial as the COR approach has had an effect. The program aims to have companies reduce their WCB premiums as a result of implementing new occupational health and safety prevention practices. 

Before learning about the benefits of COR, it is necessary to understand the reason for its development. In Canada, occupational health and safety is regulated by various laws, rules, regulations and codes. However, with compensation boards, there is additional motivation for the creation of effective safety systems within companies. 

By doing so, companies reduce the cost of injuries and accidents and benefit the Industry Reduction Partnership (IRP). 

First COR benefit


Companies working in the program are eligible for a rebate of up to 20% of their industry rate. To allocate this percentage, all eligible companies within the IRP inventory are evaluated on a standard basis. 

To be eligible for the IRP inventory, the company must have an effective occupational health and safety program supported by a current COR certification. 

Second COR benefit

Apply for WCB reimbursement. If the company has a COR, it has an effective occupational health and safety program. Studies have shown that companies that have such programs have a great impact on the reduction of occupational injuries or accidents. 

It is noteworthy that, within this standard, the leading companies are also evaluated, which are those that raise the estimate to evaluate other companies because they manage to reduce in large quantities or completely eliminate the risk of injuries.

Third COR benefit

Getting a COR certification brings several benefits to companies in Canada

Reputation, recognition and preference within the industry. It has become increasingly important in Alberta to maintain a COR, and clients are requesting this requirement as a basis for establishing a business relationship. 

This means that a COR certification can provide your company with status, as well as demonstrate to your clients the quality of your work and your commitment to growing your business. 

Having a COR in Alberta means that you are a leader in your industry and, therefore, you can choose to present your services in tenders or in front of contractors that require this as a requirement, providing new opportunities for your company’s growth. 

Fourth COR benefit

Skilled and qualified personnel. The COR certification attests to the company’s commitment to providing safe and healthy work spaces and routines, which draws the attention of talented professionals who want to be part of companies that take care of their well-being. 

Hence, you can find suitable and skilled workers who prefer to work in your company because of the commitment to their safety and well-being. 

Similarly, you can also observe the improvement in the motivation and productivity of the current staff, as they notice the interest in their protection, the collaborators begin to show a better disposition in the completion of their tasks. 

It is noticeable that the program to incentivize health and safety within the companies offers the companies economic, professional and effective benefits that become a good incentive to wish to obtain a COR certification. 

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