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How to Obtaining and Maintaining COR Certification in Alberta?

Because we know that it is not a easy task to obtain COR, with our solutions we guarantee that your safety program is compliant and has all the essential elements to address the requirements of the that any company is able to Achieve and Maintain COR Certification, so you can quickly get your Certificate of Recognition (COR)

What is COR certification Alberta?

COR certification is a way of recognizing the great effort of companies to create and implement a Health and Safety Management System (HSMS). In Alberta, certain standards are established in where employers are tested by a certified external auditor to ensure a proper implementation. 

For big companies the COR is given, for small employers, companies with a maximum of ten employees, a certificate called SECOR is offered.

COR/SECOR purpose is create awareness about health and safety in the workplace, employers and employees want these benefits. This commitment improves work’s environment and the quality of work.

With a more advanced occupational health and safety system, the risks of occupational incidents are minimized and employers are eligible for WCB premium reimbursement of up to 20%. 

It is important to identify what the company’s core business and environment is, in order to understand the components of a customized health and safety management as required by each employer. 


What are COR requirements?

SECOR alberta

The requirements to qualify for a COR/SECOR are to follow a series of steps to reach a certification.

Implement a risk management system that reach safety and health in the workplace, this system must comply with the parameters imposed by the province of Alberta. In this part, it is important to contact experts in the area to identify risks and improve the management of the company according to its line of business.

Obtain an audit by a COR association.

Contact an external auditor who can be accepted by a verification partner.

Assign the date of the audit and expect a rating of over 80%.

Confirm that the auditor sends the audit result to the verification partner.

Receive the COR certificate from the verification partner on time.

The responsibility with the health and safety management must last in the company, the employer must provide new information to its employees, it is necessary that during the implementation of a new system employees are trained about that.

How much does COR certification cost?

The price will depend on the daily rate as well as other aspects related to the company, the difference between the area, organization size, number of interviews to be conducted, availability of the material required by the auditor, the physical and educational changes required can mean a greater or lesser expense

For example, companies that already have a strong security system only need to adapt to Alberta standards, hire a verification partner and auditor. Less experienced companies, on the other hand, must invest in employee knowledge and training before the rest.

PHSM Course
PHMS Certification

What does it mean to be COR certified?

Certificate of Recognition (COR) have the objective to promote health and safety awareness inside industries as well as the continuous improvement of these systems to manage multiple benefits for the company, employees and the state.

PHSM Course Certificate

Is Cor mandatory?

The COR certificate is not necessary it is a way for the government to motivate companies to reduce incidents or accidents in the workplace. 

Since this recognition has become popular in the provinces, large customers prefer to hire companies with the certification; employees prefer to choose a healthy and safe environment for them, up to now it has become a distinguishing stamp that characterizes the companies that have it.

What is Cor training?

The implementation of safety and health knowledge in the company. The training is provided to a senior management representative and a permanent employee who will be designated as an internal auditor, both of whom will be jointly responsible for making changes to improve the company’s risk management.

The training follows the parameters set by IHSA. With this training, the internal auditor will be ready to make an internal audit following the IHSA COR instrument.

In this training, the following aspects must be managed:

LSE Course
LSE Course Topics

Policy and responsability of security and health.

Risk evaluation, analysis and control.


Preventative maintenance.

Analysis of past incidents.

How to apply first aid.

Administration of the organization.

Leadership method.

Executing an emergency plan.

How long is COR training?

Each company takes time to learn and implement the knowledge depending on the size and complexity of each company. In the case of an issue such as occupational health and safety, some aspects cannot be measured since each implementation is individual depending on the work style, industry, size and scope of the organization.

How long is Cor good for?

The COR certification is valid for three years after the certificate is obtained, however, companies must still comply with an annual audit to confirm that the risk minimization system remains in place.

Once the COR certificate is acquired for the first time, the maintenance process is easier, the external auditor must be consulted once a year and in the meantime the internal auditor must be kept updated on the constant improvements to the risk management system.  

Leadership for Safety Excellence Certification

How often are COR audits?

Companies are required to undergo an annual audit to maintain their certification. In special cases, where the required score for certification is narrowly missed, for an example, a score of 75%, the auditor may agree to do a second audit. This will be the only case where a company requests two reviews.

What are the benefits of Cor?

Knowing that the COR certificate is a way in which the company’s commitment to having an effective health and safety system is recognized and that in this way customers get an idea of the quality of the company as well as the employees, we can say that the benefits are diverse:

Leadership For Safety Excellence Prerequisites​
LEG Course


The company can participate to receive an incentive of up to 20% off the WCB rate for reducing workplace injuries or accidents.

Industry recognition:

It gives the company additional prestige, in Alberta, many clients ask companies to have the COR certificate in order to work together as it demonstrates commitment to quality work.

Better work environment:

It manages to reduce incidents, improves the work environment making it healthy and with a motivated atmosphere, in this way, more trained professionals come to provide their services and knowledge in the company.

Having a COR certificate proof not only the commitment to health and safety but also to the growth of the company, it is a way for employers to expand in various aspects.

Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Legislation Awareness Course Topics

What does COR certification accomplish?

With COR certification, employers achieve a new business concept. In addition to obtaining economic benefits, they also improve the awareness of their workers to take care of the social welfare of the population near the Company.

Is a set of positive actions with benefices, around this certification: Improvement health of employees and the society, securing the company’s material assets by avoiding accidents, economic savings and reimbursements, recognition within the industry, etc.

What is the difference between COR and Secor?

Just one aspect makes the difference between these two types of certificates. The COR is for large companies, which have more than 10 employees and up. 

The SECOR is a certification that provides the same benefits as the COR, but is designed for small companies with fewer than 10 employees, including owners, presidents and senior managers.

Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Legislation Awareness Certification​

Auditor Training Program (ATP)

Auditor Training Program (ATP) Course​

Auditor Training Program (ATP) Course

It is a three-day Virtual Instructor-Led course.

It is designed for individuals who will be evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s health and safety management system. 

Participants will be shown how to assess systems against the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) standard. 

This is a two-tiered program that consists of a three-day course (Certificate of Completion) and a voluntary Qualification Audit submission (Certified Peer Auditor Certificate).

Auditor Training Program Course Topics

Auditor Training Program Course Topics​
Auditor Training Program Certification​

Auditor Training Program Certification

Participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% on an open book, online test as well as demonstrate an understanding of the practical auditing procedure by participating in the activities completed in the virtual classroom.

Participants may submit a qualification/self-audit (individually conducted) within 66 days after completing the three-day course. If the qualification/self-audit is approved by the ACSA COR department, the participant will be considered a certified auditor. 

It is a requirement for Active NCSO’s to become certified auditors. It is also a requirement for COR companies to have a full-time certified auditor on staff.

Auditor Training Program Prerequisites

Principles of Health and Safety Management (PHSM)

Auditor Training Program Prerequisites

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