A Comprehensive Guide to Compliance with Alberta’s OHS Act for Employers

A Comprehensive Guide to Compliance with Alberta's OHS Act for Employers

If you are an employer in Alberta, it is important that you understand the province’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. This law establishes requirements to ensure occupational safety and health in the workplace.

Here is a complete guide to help you comply with the key requirements of Alberta’s OHS Act.

Key Requirements for Employers under Alberta's OHS Act


Employers have a great responsibility for the safety and occupational health of their workers, as it is essential to have safety programs that reduce job hazards.

According to Alberta’s OHS Act, employers must ensure the following:

Provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers.

Identify and control hazards in the workplace.

Provide workers with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure it is used properly.

Provide adequate training and education to workers on occupational safety and health.

Best Practices for Implementing a Health and Safety Program

To implement an effective health and safety program, employers should follow these best practices:

Develop and maintain clear and detailed policies and procedures on occupational safety and health.

Establish a joint workplace health and safety committee to involve workers in the safety process.

Conduct regular workplace inspections to identify and control hazards.

Promote a culture of safety in the workplace through open communication and collaboration on safety issues.

Training and Education for Employers and Workers

It is important for employers and workers to receive adequate training and education on occupational safety and health.

This may include training on the proper use of PPE, how to identify and control hazards in the workplace, and how to respond to emergencies. Employers must also ensure that workers are trained and competent to perform their tasks safely.

Supervision and evaluation of OHS compliance

Periodic supervision and evaluation of OHS compliance in the workplace should be encouraged. This may include regular workplace inspections and evaluation of the effectiveness of safety and occupational health policies and procedures.

Key Requirements for Employers under Alberta's OHS Act

Compliance and Penalties for Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with the Alberta OHS Act may result in fines and penalties for employers. Employers must comply with the requirements of the Alberta OHS Act to avoid sanctions and protect the safety and health of their workers.

Role of OHS Officers in Compliance

OHS Officers are responsible for enforcing the Alberta OHS Act. If a violation is identified, officers may issue orders and fines to ensure compliance with the law. They can also provide guidance and resources to help employers comply with the Alberta OHS Act.

We can say that the Alberta OHS Act is a tool to help businesses create safe and expanding workspaces.

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