7 Reasons you need a C.O.R to qualify your construction project

7 Reasons you need a C.O.R to qualify your construction project

Construction projects are jobs involving a great social and business responsibility. The safety that is applied in each work must be sufficient to keep collaborators, the surrounding community and, of course, the economic assets in which the company invests, safe. 

Aiming to increase the commitment of companies to improve occupational health and safety, the government has developed a COR certification system. This document ensures the high commitment of construction companies to develop safe practices. 

However, that is not all. The COR certificate provides other benefits. Here are 7 reasons why you need it for your construction project. 

Business prestige:


Being certified guarantees your clients, employees and competitors that you are constantly improving your safety system, thus offering a quality service. 

Some clients require that construction-related companies keep their certification in force in order to guarantee a good safety management of the project. This translates into economic and expansion benefits, as this is the only way to ensure the safety of the project.

Economic benefits through incentives:

One of the means to keep companies motivated for the correct management of occupational health and safety is through annual economic incentives that are calculated by the reduction of injuries according to the company’s line of business.

Savings in premiums:

Having a safe space and a work routine that protects the integrity of employees has its rewards, by minimizing physical injury incidents a better WCB rating is achieved. 

If your company is based in Alberta, you can include this as another economic benefit of maintaining a COR. 

Qualified personnel:

As occupational health and safety improvements begin to be developed, the work environment is improved. This fact demonstrates that the company is managed in a humane manner and guarantees an appropriate work development that many skilled professionals may desire. 

Many skilled employees choose to apply to COR certified companies in order to find a workplace that cares about their integrity. 

At the same time, a bond of loyalty is created, where employees feel supported by their employer, and there is an increase in productivity and greater commitment and durability in each collaborator. 

Economic benefits through incentives

Comprehensive safety strategies:

When developing a construction project, there are several aspects at stake that need to be taken care of. Having an effective safety strategy to avoid incidents that put people’s lives at risk and cause economic damage is fundamental. 

By developing the necessary steps to achieve COR certification, the company goes through a process of evolution in the safety department and, at the same time, solid strategies are created to improve the work routine, avoid risks and define employees committed to this area to ensure proper management. 

Proper health management:

Not only is it about reducing the risks of physical injury and protecting the environment around the project, but also about protecting the overall health of the employees involved. 

The department involved in this aspect complies with a health order that helps protect employees from diseases or working conditions that deteriorate their health in the long term. 

The commitment to the community:

We know that there is more than an economic interest behind companies. The ethical pillars on which they develop are interested in protecting the community around them and with the COR certificate they can prove it. 

This certification makes it clear that their practices are healthy and safe with the community surrounding the project. 

Conclusion on the benefits of having a COR certificate

It can be said that each of the 7 reasons given above complement each other to offer an expansion of the company that decides to be part of this certification.

The commitment to occupational health and safety demonstrates that the company has a fervent desire to grow, evolve and constantly improve, which translates into greater acceptance by clients, increased economic profits and productive development at the labor level.

Comprehensive safety strategies

In other words, striving to have and maintain a COR certificate only brings benefits to the companies that decide to do so. Would you like to get yours?

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