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Does COR certification expire

Does COR certification expire?

Occupational health and safety is an area that requires constant care and evolution. Therefore, the COR certificate expires in order to keep companies motivated to continue improving their safety systems.   COR recognition certificates are awarded to companies for periods that vary according to their performance and industry. You can be …

COR certification training

COR certification training

Before being granted a COR certificate, companies must commit themselves to improve their safety management within the work environment. One approach to checking this new management model is through training sessions in which they learn how to face and reduce each company’s risks in a general way.   The search for …

advantages of obtaining COR certification

What are the advantages of obtaining COR certification?

Getting a COR certification brings several benefits to companies in Canada and, although these benefits vary according to the province where the companies operate, it becomes very interesting to comply with the requirements to have the certification.   In Alberta, the benefits are quite substantial as the COR approach has had …

What are the three basic health and safety rights in any workplace

What are the three basic health and safety rights in any workplace?

In Canada, workers are strongly supported in terms of occupational health and safety, which is why every employee should be aware of the three basic rights to which they can adhere and demand when necessary.  Each state has different approaches to occupational safety regulations and standards, but it can be …

How many sub elements are in a COR audit

How many sub elements are in a COR audit?

During the audit to obtain COR certification, certain elements and sub-elements are considered that are to be managed within the company effectively.  Although COR is still a voluntary certification, many municipalities in Canada contract with companies that have it, which creates a high demand and, as a consequence, an improvement …

What happens if you fail a COR audit

What happens if you fail a COR audit?

A COR is obtained when the company manages to achieve an overall score equal to or greater than 80% and at least 50% in each audit element. If this score is not achieved because the external auditor noted some shortcomings during their risk management assessment, there are two possibilities.  The …

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