Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Legislation Awareness ( LEG )

This is an eight-hour virtual training that provides participants with a solid understanding of current Alberta legislation governing occupational health and safety.

Think Safety Solutions, as a certifying partner, provides course participants with the basic structure of the legislation so they can effectively find the information they need. In addition to knowing and interpreting the OHS Manual. 

During this training, various exercises and individual activities are made available to the participants to search for information in the multiple manuals and legislations needed in actual practice. 

To qualify for a COR certificate in Alberta it is necessary to have this course approved; Participants are required to have access to a computer or mobile device with internet access and speakers.


Topics to be covered within the training:

SECOR alberta

Overview of legislation and regulatory law:

For those who do not have the innate talent of a lawyer, it is necessary to have partial knowledge of the law and a solid structure of understanding around what regulatory law is. 

As a leader and in charge of the health and safety department, you must know the laws clearly to know how to defend yourself in the legal arena, define the why of your strategies, and evaluate if the actions performed in the work routine match those regulated in the legislation. 

Introduction to Alberta OHS legislation:

Once the essential legal terms are understood, it is time to narrow down the regulations to the locality that concerns us, Alberta. For this reason, participants obtain an OHS Handbook as part of the workshop materials. 

Various activities are conducted to help you understand and memorize some legislation. 

PHSM Course
PHMS Certification

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act.

This act sets out quite beneficial details for leaders in a company’s health and safety department. Knowing it is the beginning of successful management. 

Every change, improvement, and/or strategy should be based on the standards of this legislation for the company to obtain COR certification. 

PHSM Course Certificate

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Knowing the regulation and the differences between it and the law will succeed in creating in the participants a space for analysis to understand and improve their strategies within labor management.

Compliance and enforcement tools:

We offer helpful and efficient resources for leaders to influence team members to achieve compliance and apply the chosen changes to comply with state regulations. 

With these tools, compliance and enforcement are a breeze. 

LSE Course
LSE Course Topics

Alberta OHS Code Explanation Guide.

Simplifying the legal texts and imparting interpretation guidance on this proves to be a great help in knowing and internalizing the laws.

How can I obtain a LEG certification?

Leadership for Safety Excellence Certification

A final test needs to be completed with a 70% or higher score. You are allowed to use the legislation manual or any open book during the test.

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